Internet Marketing Adventure – Episode 4

When I last left you, I was discussing my introduction to and fascination with traffic exchanges. In February of 2011 something happened that changed traffic exchanges forever. When I use the past tense of the word “change”, I am not really using the correct tense because the event that occurred is changing now and it will continue to change and improve for years to come. Because of my lurking involvement in Traffic Exchange Live, I had an inclination that something different was going to happen. The event is really the combination of two seemingly separate events. First, Jon Olson, Tim Linden, and Justin Ledvina released Click Track Profit and second, the three announced that they were going to combine their separate companies into one company called Tim Tech. This new organization brought AdKreator, I Love Hits, Start Exchange, Sweeva, Dr. Traffic, and TE Toolbox under one single ownership.

The occurrence of these events coincided with the receipt of my annual tax return and when Click Track Profit quietly rolled out the public, I decided to make my first cash investment into my internet marketing business with a one time upgrade offer to Click Track Profit. The lifetime upgrade gives me higher commissions, free random referrals and other benefits. When Click Track Profit was rolled out, there was a lot of discussion/criticism in the traffic exchange community about the nature and/or validity of the program. Tim Tech rolled out a program that was not entirely complete, and I believe that they did this on purpose. I myself did not understand at the time what they were doing, but now I know exactly what they did and why. I invested in the program because I had spent some time listening to Jon in Traffic Exchange Live and I came to trust him and his ideology. What Tim Tech did is introduce what I call a “minimum viable product.” For the early adopters, there was some faith involved in their commitment to the program because it was just the skeleton of an ever evolving grand plan.

Jon would often explain that Click Track Profit was a drip feed program that would continually develop and offer its users something new and enriching slowly and consistently. The question is commonly asked, “What is Click Track Profit?” I answer that question on one of the pages of this blog in the Click Track Profit tab above, but I do have a more concise description.

From my perspective, the traffic exchange industry is a tangled mess of programs and opportunities that spin people in 100 directions until the centrifugal force of their spinning launches them out of the industry. Click Track Profit creates a clear pathway of focus to anyone that wants to create and promote a business with traffic exchanges as a focal point. The pathway primarily consists of step-by-step training program where you learn by doing after watching drip-fed training videos. The training will guide you through the steps of slowly building your business with longevity and stability as the key factors.

Stay tuned to the next episode of Internet Marketing Adventure to see what happens next.


The application for this episode is “trust”. Sometimes you have to have faith and trust someone. I had a great feeling about Justin, Tim and Jon from the outset. I truly felt that they were out to help me with my best interest in mind, and that initial feeling has held to be very true. However, there are plenty of people in the internet marketing business that will take your money and run, so be very wise, discerning and shrewd with who and what you trust. Sometime in the next few episodes, I will share how invested in untrustworthy programs and lost.

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Internet Marketing Adventure – Episode 3

When I left you in episode 2, I was pointed to a traffic exchange as an option for promoting my paid to click website, I found that if I looked at other peoples websites and advertisements, the traffic exchange would give me credits that would allow me to have my site shown. While I was viewing other peoples sites, I found another traffic exchange called Traffic Splash. Suddenly, I realized that there were hundreds of these traffic exchanges. I signed up for a few of them and really enjoyed viewing the diversity of advertisements in each of the different exchanges.

One particular traffic exchange, called I Love Hits, had a chat system at right of the website. In the chat, I could see a few different people having a conversation. I still remember the people in the chat on that evening nearly a year ago, Brenda Broyles, Randy Mason, Lynn Anderson owner of Celtic Clicks, and Tracy owner of Hit Assylum. Everybody in the chat was very helpful and I found that I could learn quite a bit about internet marketing from being acitve in the chats. Brenda really helped me out in my personal branding and Randy pointed me to great opportunities including Traffic Hoopla which is one of the top traffic exchange downline builders.

I Love Hits also has a game called bracket surfing were you are daily put up against other traffic exchange surfers. If you win, you move up the bracket. By the end of the week, if you place high you can win credits. I got really addicted to this game for quite awhile.

I am signed up for about 50 traffic exchanges and for awhile I tried to focus on using about 30. I guess you could say that I was really addicted to traffic exchanges and really enjoy the community aspect of traffic exchanges. In February 2011, something happened that changed the traffic exchange world, but you will have to wait till episode 4 to learn what happened.

The application for this for this episode is social networking. When I got up the courage to speak up in the chats, I had no idea or intention of becoming part of an online community. It is something that seemed to happen to me. Being social is not something natural to me. Being an introvert means that I primarily get my energy from having time alone and in addition to that, I am also highly task oriented which means that being social can often seem like a waste of time and draining for me personally.  HOWEVER, I said “seem like a waste of time.” What I have learned is that relationships and community are the building blocks for commerce in this new world.  Well, relationships and community have always been the building blocks for commerce, but I think that what we know as “internet commerce” ruined the community and relationship aspect of commerce through pitching, scamming and spamming. So, what is this “new world” that I speak?  It is a world where you can no longer “SEO” your way to the top of Google rankings. The new Google algorithms (Panda) are now searcher centric which means that it is searching to promote sites that are the most useful to the searcher. If you want to top the Google rankings, you need to offer value and relationship. In the “new world” of internet commerce,  we must offer value and a relationship to our customers.

So what does that mean for us? It means that we need to build relationships and the best way to build them is to either seek for or offer help to someone else. As we seek to learn or teach, we will create value base relationships and a commerce community that thrives. So go out and either seek for or offer help  someone new.

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Internet Marketing Adventure – Episode 2

In the first episode of Internet Marketing Adventure ,  Eddy Salomon of “Work At Home No Scams” suggested that I needed to join Wealthy Affiliate University to start my affiliate marketing business off on the right foot. However, since money was tight,  I had no money to invest in that education. Eddy suggests that I could earn multiple streams of income through various types of  “get paid to…” programs to help build an income that could help pay for my Wealthy Affiliate University tuition.

Eddy’s blog contains many suggestions on how to earn an income through multiple streams. From among all of Eddy’s suggestions,  I landed on giving Paid to Click (PTC) and Paid to Read (PTR) as my work of choice. I spent quite a bit of time researching the best and most legitimate PTC sites and signed up for about 30+ programs.  I spent about 2 hours an evening clicking on these sites while I watched TV or whatever. Many of these sites were paying me $.001 per ad view.  At a penny for 10 clicks, I knew that it this was going to be an awful amount of work.

I quickly figured out that in order to make money doing this, I was going to need to get people to sign up under my referal link so that I could get paid on the activity of my refferals. However, how was I going to get referals for all thirty of the PTC programs? One night, I came to the conclusion that I needed to create a website that would act like a funnel to focus all of my efforts to one place. I wanted to create a resource for the PTC community that could help people learn how to use PTC programs as efficiently as possible. I guess this is where my internet marketing adventure really begins!

I had no experience with creating websites and really did not know how to begin so just started doing google searches. I landed at and bought the domain So I had a great domain and now I needed to figure out how to design the site an put it on the net. I figured out that I needed hosting and decided was as good as any place to host the site for me since it was the same place that sold me the domains. I downloaded three free open source programs to help me create the site: KompoZer for website creation and for the graphic design portion Inkscape and Gimp.

It took me a few weekends to get the site done, but since it was my first site, I was very pleased with the outcome. However, I did not have much success getting people to view the site. At the suggestion of a PTC blog, I started spending time in PTC forums in order to see if I could get refferals, but I came to the conclusion that there is a difference between referrals and quality referrals. I learned that not every one is as consistent and hardheaded as I am when it comes to clicking PTC advertisements.

I was learning that more traffic equals more referrals and I needed more referrals because most referrals are not going to stick with it and be consistant. I needed more people to my site! While clicking ads on one of the PTC sites, I came across an advertisement for Traffic Swarm and Blog called, but you will have to wait til Episode 3 to learn what I found at these sites.

Application: IM Process

In this episode, the application that comes to mind is the idea that you need to see your internet marketing adventure as a process. Be open to new opportunities and ideas and allow yourself to follow those ideas in an ever expanding development. Your internet marketing adventure is not an end in itself but an ever expanding process of exploration and action.

Thanks for visiting,


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Internet Marketing Adventures: Episode One

Welcome to my first ever blog post and thank you for visiting.  

I created Internet Marketing Adventures for three primary reasons:

1. To document the history and progression of my internet marketing adventure. This idea was inspired by a person that I consider a mentor, Jon Olson of Timtech.  Jon suggests that we view our internet marketing as a process and enjoy that process. Thus, I wanted to document my internet marketing thoughts and actions so that I could more fully enjoy this awesome adventure.

2. To help others in their own marketing adventures. Although, I have only been interested in internet marketing for less than a year, I feel that I learn something new nearly every day. At the end of every blog post, I will give an application for you to act on that is related to my specific experience.

3. To fulfill one of my educational assignments as student at Wealthy Affiliate University. I have recently become a student at Wealthy Affiliate University and a major part of my education is writing blogs and articles related to the products that I promote.

How did I get interested with internet marketing?
I am one of those fortunate people that has a great paying work at home job. The telecommuting aspect of my job is awesome, but it is very challenging in that it is a quota carrying position. In September of 2010, my company started negatively adjusting my compensation plan to the point that I asked for a raise. I was of course denied; even after clearly outlining my accomplishments over the past 5 years including my ability to exceed quota for every year that had been employed. At the time, I had yet to begin to pay off any of my student loans, and therefore, I knew that I was going to need to start paying on them soon. I was getting very anxious about my family’s financial situation as my company played with my territory and compensation package.

During an episode of emotional distress caused by this financial situation, I started searching for other work at home jobs and opportunities on the internet. I live in a remote area of the Sierra Mountains in Northern California so telecommuting  jobs are about the only opportunities that I have available in my pay range.  As I scoured the internet for opportunities, what did I come across? Of course, you know what I came across. Spew! Jon Olson commonly refers to the endless amount of traffic exchange email promotions that he receives daily as “spew”, but I have expanded the definition to include those  shiny, Ferrari, yacht and mansion clad splash pages that promise millions or thousands of dollars by “pushing the big red easy button.” I came to the conclusion that the only way to find whether the opportunity is legit is to do a Google search for the opportunity name and the word scam. I guess the joke was on me. All of the Spew artists had SEO’d their way to the top of the Google rankings by promoting their products using the word scam.

However, as a result of my searching I came across a website that was very helpful.

Stay tuned for my next post to see what I found…


The application that I chose for the post is “Take Action.” The reason that I chose this application is because it is the very challenge that called me to create this blog. What I mean by “taking action” is doing something that is new or outside of your normal routine. Please be aware that while you are “taking action”, the particular call to action may not only require you to do something out of comfort zone but it may require you to invest money.


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